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We exist to change the way the world uses materials.

We believe natural materials can outperform synthetics while having positive environmental, economic and social benefits. 

Harakeke He Huarahi hou


Harakeke has the potential to heavily benefit Aotearoa and the world. It's one of Aotearoa’s most abundant plant species, and is an important part of Maori culture. A key part of our history, its fibre proved to be a strong and versatile material for plaiting and weaving cloaks, clothes, mats, kete and tools.

Harakeke fibre compares very well to other fibres typically used in the natural composites industry, and even to a number of synthetic materials. The application potential is endless...

Harakeke offers so much more than just fibre, but also produces gel, oil and seed, high value resources for various uses.

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